The memories in Gumbaz, Srirangapatna

Gumbaz of Srirangapatna

Whether you are going solo in your bullet or with your family, Srirangapatna is an ideal destination to spoil yourself with a variety of places to see. This little town is a treasure of history, the history you can feel.

Some 135 kilometres from Bengaluru and just 15 kilometres from Mysuru, this little town was once a cocktail of worship, war and innovations. Remember the Anglo-Mysore wars, the first rocket bombs, temples, mosques, etc. that you studied in the history books.

Our trip to Gumbaz

We did not plan for Gumbaz. The idea was to have breakfast in a small hut near Pandavapura and check out some temples if time permits.

On the way to Aarathi Ukkada temple, from Bengaluru-Mysuru highway, a small house doubles as a restaurant for few hours in the morning. Here, the idli with butter is popular. A single man handles the crowded restaurant, no wonder we waited for an hour to get our plate of idly.

After our breakfast, we decided to visit the Nimishamba temple. We lost the way and ended up visiting the Gumbaz. However, it was worth a visit.

Gumbaz, from the main gate
Gumbaz, from the main gate

The Gumbaz in Srirangapatna is a testimony of the fearlessness of the de facto rulers of Mysore, Hyder Ali Khan and his son Tipoo Sultan.

Here is some excerpts from Wikipedia about the Gumbaz – “The Gumbaz at Seringapatam is a Muslim mausoleum at the centre of the landscaped garden, holding the graves of Tippu Sultan, his father Hyder Ali and his mother Fakr-Un-Nisa. It was originally built by Tipu Sultan to house the graves of his parents. Tippu was himself allowed to be buried here by the British, after his death in the Siege of Seringapatam in 1799.” You may wish to read about this historical piece in Wikipedia.


Who would not stop here from the sight of several horses giving rides to the tourists, shops selling souvenirs and a beautiful heritage structure that houses the graves of the greatest warriors?

As I parked my car near the Gumbaz, the horsemen flooded us with ride offers. Two of our kids were already riding one horse. After lots of no’s, I was forced to take a ride along with the children.

Boys offering horse ride
Do you wanna horse ride?

The boys offering a horse ride promised me to take inside the Gumbaz on a horseback before finalizing the deal but they never did. In fact, the authorities do not allow horses inside the Gumbaz. The boys tricked me.

Gumbaz, Srirangapatna
Gumbaz, Srirangapatna

As we entered the main gate of the Gumbaz, the lush green landscape caught our eyes. I could see few tombs, which I guess, belonged to the warriors during the 17th century. As we neared the mausoleum, more tombs appeared and finally we were standing in front of three main tombs.

Inside the mausoleum was the tombs of Tipu Sultan, his father Hyder Ali Khan and mother Fakr-un-nisa.

We were lucky enough to arrive here early. Being Sunday, the tourist inflow was gradually increasing. Not a single visitor would have gone out without taking a selfie.

As the main gate were several shops, selling fancy items that can double as a souvenir. Some of them are worth buying if you feel that those are not available in your location.


Entry to the Gumbaz is free. However, I was charges Rs. 40 for parking the car. The horse ride cost me Rs. 100. Our next destination was the Nimishamba Temple.


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